About Marie Roth

Marie Roth, founder of Powerfuel Nutrition, LLC is passionate about healthy living. An accomplished registered dietitian, natural foods chef, health coach and personal trainer, Marie brings these complementary areas of expertise and experience to her private practice, which serves the diverse health needs of adults, children and families. Her philosophy is that a well-nourished and active body can do wonders to prevent or reverse most of the health issues adults and children face in today's world. A strong focus in functional and integrative nutrition, Marie is comfortable working outside of the box and exploring all potential avenues to optimal health.
Marie serves as a consultant for Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla. NY, and is co-author and instructor of the Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well. Be Well Nutrition Outreach Program. To date, the program has reached nearly 125,000 children and families through hands-on classroom instruction, cooking programs, lectures, presentations, health fairs, and other community-based events. An ongoing nutrition writer for the hospital, Marie regularly contributes valuable nutrition content and health tips to various publications and radio stations. She has appeared live on Channel 12 News and WFAS radio, has been quoted in the New York Times, Today's Dietitian, and Childhood Obesity, and a blog hosted on the Dr. Oz website.
A well-sought after expert, Marie has been a guest speaker at large corporate events, Lunch & Learn programs, and an array of professional conferences including school-administration conferences, nurses' conferences and pediatric residents' conferences. She has also served as a nutrition consultant and presenter to wellness committees in various districts.

Marie completed her didactic work at Montclair State University and is a practicing dietitian since 2006. She holds supplementary CDR certificates in training for both pediatric and adult weight management and is a recent graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) course. Additionally, she completed a B.S. in Business Management at Ramapo College, received her culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet institute for Health and Culinary Arts, and is certified as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist with the American Council on Exercise..

Marie's Philosophy

"I derive great purpose and fulfillment from being able to combine my, varied but interconnected, skills as a natural foods chef; registered dietitian; pediatric and adult weight loss specialist; personal trainer and from ongoing functional medicine training to help clients achieve their health goals and optimal wellness via practical and personalized plans. In other words, my success is defined by my client’s success in moving along the continuum of health and well-being. It is tremendously rewarding to be the professional guide and resource for each client’s personal journey in realizing their visions of health." ~Marie

As a nutritionist, many questions arise about supplements.  While in theory, a varied diet of nutritious, whole foods should supply the human body with essential nutrients in adequate amounts, the majority of us are walking around with suboptimal intake levels of many critical nutrients.  This is a result of many factors, some of which include the mineral depletion of our soils, the questionable changes in agricultural practices, the loss of nutrients from early harvesting and increased travel distances, the highly processed nature of our food supply, a compromised ability to absorb nutrients, and biochemical uniqueness of individuals, which inherently provokes the question of whether the RDA can be the correct amount required by everyone.  In fact, most of the RDA’s are based on preventing overt deficiencies- such as scurvy, goiter, and rickets- but preventing a blatant condition doesn’t mean these same levels promote optimal function and health in individuals.  In many cases, higher levels may be indicated- especially when we take into account that many of us eat a less than ideal diet, have chronic stress, do not get adequate sleep, and have high exposures to toxins from our food, air and water.  Nutrients, from food and supplements, can help offset the cascade of health and weight issues associated with these negative influences, and ultimately minimize (or eliminate) the number of pharmaceutical agents we will require.

Her affiliation with Designs for Health and Nordic Naturals is intended to help family and clients access safe, efficacious supplement products, with NSF Certifications and third party testing, at a reasonable cost.  Both companies put science ahead of profit, and are a health care professional's trusted sources for research-backed nutritional products of superior quality.  We encourage you to explore Designs for Health’s vast array of supplements, condition specific products, medical foods and nutrient and protein powders.  Nordic Naturals is the gold standard for omega-3 supplements.  In fact, major medical universities use Nordic Natural products in health studies investigating omega-3 fats, the most studied nutrient to date, due to its efficacy, quality, consistency and purity.  Not only are you getting the highest quality and purest source, but Nordic Naturals offers some of the best tasting adult and kid formulas on the market.  

Metabolic Profiles and Nutritional Testing helps practitioners understand your unique biochemistry and where imbalances exist within the various metabolic pathways.  This allows us to customize a nutritional and supplemental plan specific to your biochemical needs and ultimate health goals, by identifying and correcting the imbalances that lead to weight gain and disease states.  It’s like having a window that looks into each of your major systems within the body.  By correcting the imbalances through diet, supplements and improved lifestyle habits we help the body return to its desired state of homeostasis, or balance in the normal physiological states within the internal environment.


Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

By incorporating evidence-based practices, behavior modification strategies and state of the art testing you will gain the skills, knowledge and behaviors to achieve practical, sustainable goals designed specifically for your individual needs and busy lifestyle.
A few things you will learn: 

How to eat healthfully to meet your unique lifestyle and biological needs

A non-diet approach to intuitive eating

Which supplements are worth taking

Tips and recipes for assembling fast, easy meals the whole family will enjoy

Tons of interesting facts about food, nutrition and disease prevention

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